Configure Action Items

The Action Items module allows users to create and assign forms for your teams to complete and submit to others for approval.

Before you can use the Action Items module, your System Admin must complete required configuration steps in the portal.
Note: Action Items users consume an HR Management license.
  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Checklists.
  2. Expand the General Configuration section.
  3. In User Group for Action Items Administrator Permissions, select the Employee Group that should have admin rights to Action Items.

    Users in this group will have access to the Manage Action Items Templates page where they can create, edit, and assign Action Item templates.

    Note: For Field Management users, Action Items Admins will not have access to the Checklist Templates page in Field Management. To assign admin rights for Field Management Checklists, use the portal setting User Group for Checklist Administrator Permissions. See Checklist Core Configuration for details.
  4. To enable the Action Items module for users:
    1. Select Admin > User Access.
    2. In the Module Bundle dropdown, select Self Service.
    3. Select the Action Items check box for all applicable users.
    For more information, see Assign Users Access to Modules.
All users who have been assigned access to Action Items on the User Access page will see an Action Items link on their My Tools menu. Users who are assigned as Action Items Admins will also see an Action Items Templates link on their Self-Service Admin menu.
Manage Action Item Templates.