Manage Action Item Templates

Create and edit Action Item templates, assign permission to templates, and create template workflows.

Action Item templates work across companies. Changes made to an Action Item template are saved automatically. Only users assigned as Action Item Admins can create, edit, or assign Action Item templates.
  1. Select Employee Tools > Action Item Templates.
  2. Select New Template.
  3. In the Create New Template pop-up window, enter a Template Name.
  4. Select Create.

    A new page opens where you can edit Action Item details.

  5. The template name displays in the upper left of the page. To change the name of the template at any time, select rename.
  6. To add custom text, such as instructions or a title, to the top of the template, select Edit Header Text.

    A pop-up window opens where you can enter and format text as needed.

  7. In User Group for Access, select the employee group (non-admins) that should be allowed to complete Action Items based on this template. These are non-admin users who will have permission to view only their assigned action item forms, not other users' forms.
  8. In Admin Group for Access, select the employee group with admin permissions for this template. These users are allowed to create their own Action Items based on this template and view the forms that others create using this template.
  9. In the Attach Documents To dropdown, you can select whether to attach the finalized PDF copy of the document to the user's PR Employee record or HR Resource record in Vista. If you do not want your document to attach to any Visa records, select None.
  10. If you want to assign a default attachment type to forms created using this Action Item template, select an Attachment Type ID.

    Attachment types are set up in DM Attachment Types in Vista.

  11. To add header fields to the top of your form, select Add Header Field.
    • Enter a Name (does not display on the form) and Label (displays for users) for the field. If your header includes an Employee Name field, you can select one of the standard PR Employee lookups in the Type dropdown field, as described below.

    • Select the Type of task. Tasks types include: Checkbox, Date, Numeric, Text, Time, and Dropdown. Dropdown options include:

      • Any lookup created in Manage Lookups.
      • Standard lookups that include all PR Employees and employees that fall under the logged-in user's timecard approval permissions. These standard lookups will begin with the prefix Dropdown - KDS. For example, Dropdown - KDS - PR Employee. The Employee Name entered on an Action Item determines the approval workflow. This name will also be shown in the Employee column on the Action Items dashboard. If an Action Item does not use an Employee Name and lookup in the header, the name of the person who submitted the Action Item will display in the Employee column on the Action Items dashboard.
    • To require that users compete the field before they can submit the form, select the Required? checkbox.

    • To set a field as active on all forms created with this template, select the Active checkbox.

  12. To add tasks to the template, use the item group section. In New Item Group, enter the name for the section (for example, Wellness), and then select Add New Item Group.

    When you first create an item group, it displays as rolled up. Select the item group name to expand the section.

  13. To add a task or question to an item group, select Add Item. The following fields display:
    • Item Number: Allows you to number your questions (optional).

    • Item Prompt: Use to enter a task or question. If you have additional notes for this question, select Edit Long Prompt to add that text.

    • Response Type: Use this dropdown and the Advanced Options button to choose the answer format for a task or question. For full details of these options see Response Type Options for Templates.

  14. To set up a default workflow for this template, select the Workflow button.
    Note: Action Items require only one reviewer to finalize them. This reviewer's name appears in the Reviewed By column on the Action Items dashboard.
    1. In the Action Item Workflow pop-up window, select, the Enable Workflow For This Template checkbox.
    2. To notify timecard managers when their employees submit action items based on this template, select Route to Manager?
    3. To notify a specific group of users when employees submit action items based on this template, select that employee group from the User Group to Route To dropdown field.
  15. When you have finished modifying the form, select Back to Manage Checklist.