Applicant Search

The Applicant Search page allows Onboarding Admins, recruiting managers, and recruiters to search for applicants based on the job requisition status, applicant stage, and other filter criteria.

The following table shows the fields available on the Applicant Search page. Access this page by selecting Employee Tools > Applicant Search.
Note: Recruiters can view applicant information for their assigned job requisitions only.
Field Description
Status Allows you to filter applicants based on the job requisition status: All Req's, All Open Req's, Draft, Open - Posted, Open - Unposted, and Closed.
Applicant Stage Allows you to filter your grid view by a specific stage. Stages are set per job profile in the Hiring Process Builder.
Search After you select filter criteria, select Search to update grid results.

If you modify filter criteria, the Search button changes from blue to orange to indicate that you must select this button again to see updated search results.

District Allows you to filter your search by applicants who have applied to jobs that are assigned to a specific district (JC Job Department).
Note: If you have enabled portal setting Hide Job Departments and Job Fields on Job Req, your jobs will not be assigned to a district and you can ignore this filter.
Reports button Allows you to export the following reports to Excel:
  • Export Grid to Excel: Exports the current grid view to Excel.
  • Demographics: Available to Onboarding Admins and recruiting managers only, this report shows applicant voluntary self-identification (gender, race, veteran status).
  • Active Status Summary: Summarizes active candidates and their application's current stage.
  • Sourcing: Lists sources that applicants used to apply to job requisitions.
  • Offer to Hire: Lists the applicants who reached the Conditional Offer Stage of the application process, applicants who were hired, and, if applicable, disqualification reasons.
  • Time to Hire: Shows number of days from application submission to hire date per candidate and an overall average days to hire.
Recruiter Actions Allows you to perform any of the following actions for the selected line:
  • Edit Job Req: Modify the external details fields for the job requisition.
  • Change Stage: Modify the selected applicant's hiring stage. Stages are assigned by the Job Category.
  • Email Applicant: Send the applicant a unique email or use one from the email templates.
  • Email Recruiter: Email recruiters assigned to this job.
  • Add / View Notes: See all notes added to this applicant or add notes.
  • Add / View Ratings: See all ratings from all recruiters assigned to this jobr equisition or add ratings for the logged in recruiter.
    Note: Recruiters can see other recruiter's ratings but can only edit their own.
  • Disqualify Applicant: Moves an applicant to the disqualified stage. This stage is not created in the Hiring Process Builder. Select a Disqualification Reason in the pop-up window.
  • Print Application: Prints a. pdf of complied forms and attachments submitted by the applicant.
  • Move to Req: Removes the selected applicant from the current job requisition to a new job requisition.
  • Copy to Req: Copies the applicant to additional job requisitions.
  • Applicant History: Provides details on the candidate's previous application history, application date, and all recruiter actions, including emails.
  • Delete Applicant: Deletes applicant from job tequisition.
Applicant Name This column allows recruiters to review an applicant's details. Select the applicant's name or the Open in New Tab button next to the applicant's name to view applicant details. This is also the only place where recruiters can change an applicant's stage (created in the Hiring Process Builder).
Note: If the Open in New Tab button does not display, reset the grid layout by selecting the Grid Layout button and then selecting Reset Grid Layout.
Source This column shows the source that the applicant used to apply for the job. For example: JobBoard or JobTarget via LinkedIn.