Applicant Detail

This Applicant Detail page allows Onboarding Admins, recruiting managers, and recruiters to view details for candidates who have applied to job requisitions. The following table shows the fields available on the Applicant Detail page.

Access this page by selecting Employee Tools > Applicant Search. Note that recruiters can view applicant information only for their assigned job requisitions.

Field Description
Browse Applicants Allows you to switch from viewing the current applicant's information to another candidate's. This field lists applicants for the selected job.
Tags Allows you to select recruiting tags from the dropdown list and select the plus sign (+) to add them to Applicant Details.
  • Tags may be used to sort or search for candidates on the Applicant Search page or in Job Requisition Detail.
  • Tags not assigned to a district (JC Job Department) display for all applicants. District-specific tags display only for applicants who have applied to a job requisition tied to that district.
See Create and Assign Recruiting Tags for details.
Email Allows you to email the applicant or recruiter:
  • Email Applicant: Allows you to send the applicant a unique email or use one from the email templates.
  • Email Recruiter: Allows you to email the recruiter assigned to this job requisition.
Move / Copy Allows you to move or copy applicants:
  • Move Applicant: Moves the applicant from the current job requisition to a different one that you select. The candidate is removed from the original job requisition.
  • Copy Applicant: Copies the applicant to an additional job requisition.
Ratings Allows you to see all ratings from all recruiters assigned to this job requisition or add ratings for the logged in recruiter.
Notes Allows you to view or add notes for this applicant.
Export Allows you to print a .pdf of compiled forms and attachments submitted by the applicant.
History Provides details on the candidate's previous application history, application date, and all recruiter actions, including emails.
Change Stage Modify the hiring stage for the selected applicant. Stages are assigned by Job Category.
Send to Onboarding When you select the final stage in the hiring process, (the last stage on the dropdown), you will have the option to move the applicant to Onboarding (unless disabled by portal setting Hide "Send to Onboarding" button for hired applicants). You will not see this option after the applicant is moved unless that new hire has been deleted from Onboarding.
Action Items Tasks assigned to the recruiter to complete during the current stage:
  • Tasks are assigned to the stage in the Job Category.
  • If your stage has Pass/Fail as a recruiter task, you can prompt the Disqualification process by selecting Fail
Personal Information This information is entered by the employee when applying for the job but can be modified by the recruiter.
Voluntary Self-Identification This is the legal form that asks applicants for their gender, veteran, and disability status. This section displays only if this task is assigned to the job category in the Hiring Process Builder.
Applicant Information The tasks the applicant completed when applying.
  • If tasks are not required, the applicant can submit their application without completing them.
  • Tasks are assigned to the job category in the Hiring Process Builder.
Additional Questions Answers to the questions that were added in Step 4 when creating or editing the job requisition. See Create a Job Requisition for details.
Attachments Attachments added by the applicant or recruiter(s).