Configure the Applicant Tracking Module

Configure settings for the Applicant Tracking module on the Portal Settings page in HR Management.

Applicant Tracking and Onboarding are related modules and, therefore, share certain pages and portal settings. Even if you are not using Onboarding, you must configure these settings. If you have already configured Onboarding, review these settings to ensure that they will work as expected for both modules.
Note: The page where you post jobs via the Applicant Tracking module must be available externally in order for candidates outside of your company to be able to apply.

Only System Admins may access portal settings.

  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Onboarding / ATS.
  2. Expand the General Configuration section:
    1. In User Group for Onboarding / ATS Admin Permissions, select the Employee Group that should have Admin rights to Applicant Tracking.
      Users in this group will have access to all Applicant Tracking pages and are the only ones who can set up forms for the Job Category via the Hiring Process Builder.
    2. In Company number for Onboarding and ATS Logo (required), enter the number for the company whose logo should appear on your external Applicant Tracking pages.
    3. If you are including the Voluntary Self-Identification form in any of your Job Categories (assigned in the Hiring Process Builder), enter a company name in Company Name for Voluntary Self-Identification forms.
      This company name will display in the first paragraph of the Voluntary Self-Identification form.
    4. If employee First Name and Last Name fields are capitalized in HR Resources and PR Employees in Vista, you may want to enable the portal setting Automatically capitalize name fields on Onboarding / ATS Personal Info.
      Although you cannot initialize applicants to Vista from the Applicant Tracking module, if you move applicants to Onboarding and then initialize to Vista, the First Name and Last Name fields are imported into Vista.
  3. Expand the ATS section:
    1. Select Enable ATS Functionality. This activates the Applicant Tracking license (legacy customers) and enables all Applicant Tracking pages in HR Management and the external careers page.
      Important: You must enable this setting in order to use or configure Applicant Tracking.
    2. In Recruiter User Group, select the Employee Group that includes all users to assign as recruiters.
      Recruiters are assigned to job requisitions and can manage all applicants for their assigned job requisitions.
    3. In Recruiting Managers User Group, select the Employee Group that includes all users to assign as recruiting managers.
      Recruiting managers can view and edit all job requisitions without being assigned to the job.
      Note: The Recruiting Admin is the default JobTarget recruiter. JobTarget options appear only if you have enabled JobTarget posting. Recruiters can see JobTarget information in the relevant job requisition grids but cannot access JobTarget links in HR Management.
    4. If you are not using the Onboarding module, you can enable portal setting Hide Send to Onboarding button for hired applicants.
      If enabled, this setting prevents the Send to Onboarding button from displaying during the final stage on the Applicant Detail page. When users select Send to Onboarding, an Onboarding invitation is sent to the applicant and an Onboarding profile is created for the applicant in HR Management.
    5. In Next Available Req Number, enter the starting number for job requisitions created in HR Management.
      Numbers are assigned to job requisitions automatically and increase by one starting with the number you enter in this setting.
    6. In PRCo for EEO Job Category, enter a PR company number. This setting determines the PR Occupational Categories available from the dropdown when assigning an EEO Job Category to a job requisition.
    7. In JC Companies for ATS Job / JC Department Assignment, enter a JC company number or numbers. This setting determines the options available from the dropdowns when assigning a JC Department and Job to a job requisition.
      Tip: If you are entering multiple JC company numbers, separate the numbers with a comma and no spaces (for example: 1,2).
      Note: If you do not want to associate your job requisitions with jobs from the JC Jobs in Vista, enable the portal setting Hide Job Departments and Job Fields on Job Req.
    8. Optionally, you can customize the header and branding on your careers page with the portal setting Custom HTML Header on Public Facing Careers Site. For details on how to use this setting, see Customize Your External Careers Site.
After you have configured the Applicant Tracking module, an Onboarding / ATS Admin can create stages and job categories for Applicant Tracking.