Create and Manage Job Categories

Job Categories determine which forms applicants must complete when applying for a job requisition.

Assign job categories to the job template or job requisition.
  1. Select Employee Tools > Hiring Process Builder.
  2. Next to the Profile / Job Category dropdown, select +Add.
  3. Enter a job category name, and select Applicant Tracking as the Profile Type.
  4. Select the Add button.
  5. To modify the job category that you just created or an existing job category, select it from the Profile / Job Category dropdown, and then select Manage Profile > Profile Settings.
  6. In the Profile Settings pop-up, you can make changes to the following fields:
    • Profile Name: Leave the current name or enter a different name. Modifying the name here changes it everywhere that it has been applied.
    • Company: Allows you to associate your job category with a specific company if your external careers page is split by company. If not, you can leave this field set to the default Applies to all Companies.
    • Enable Apply Online By Default: Select this check box if you want all job requisitions to be available on your external careers page as soon as the job is posted. (This means that Apply Online is enabled automatically.) To allow recruiters to enable Apply Online manually on the Job Requisition page, do not select this check box.
      Note: In order to apply for jobs posted on your external careers page that do not have Apply Online enabled, candidates must have a PIN.
    • Include Voluntary Self-Identification: Select this checkbox if you would like applicants to complete a Voluntary Self-Identification form as part of their application tasks. This form gives applicants the option to identify their gender, race, disability, and Veteran status.
      Note: When applicants are moved to Onboarding, they must complete the Voluntary Self-Identification form if this form has been assigned to their job profile. This allows them to disclose information that they may not have wanted to disclose during the application process.
  7. When you are finished updating Profile Settings, select Save to return to the Hiring Process Builder.
  8. To assign stages to a job category shown on the Hiring Process Builder page, select Manage Profile > Assigned Stages.
  9. To assign tasks to a job category, set the Include? to ON for that task.
  10. To require a task as part of the application process, set the Required? toggle to ON.
  11. To delete a job category, select that profile in the Profile / Job Category dropdown, and then select Manage Profiles > Delete Profile.
After you have created your Job Category, you can assign it to a job template or job requisition.