Create and Modify Job Templates

Job templates allow you to enter job requisition information into a reusable form.

Recruiters can select a job template when creating new job requisitions and also modify it as needed for a specific job requisition. For descriptions of the fields on this page, see Job Template Fields.

Only the Onboarding / ATS Admin can create and modify job templates.

  1. Select Employee Tools > Job Templates.
  2. Select Add Template.
    The Edit Job Template pop-up window opens.
    Tip: To edit an existing template, select the Edit button for the applicable template in the list.
  3. Enter or modify template fields as needed. For field descriptions, see Job Template Fields.
  4. When you are finished, select Save to return to the Manage Job Templates page.
    Tip: On the Manage Job Templates page, you can select Download to download a PDF of a job template or Delete to remove a job template from circulation.