Create ATS Stages

Create hiring stages that a recruiter can assign to candidates who have submitted an application for a job requisition.

During the final stage, typically called Hired, the recruiter can move the applicant to Onboarding.
Note: Stages must be assigned to job categories. For more information, see Create and Manage Job Categories.

Only the Onboarding / ATS Admin can create stages.

  1. Select Employee Tools > Hiring Process Builder.
  2. On the right side of the page, select Setup > Manage Stages.
  3. In the Manage Stages pop-up window, enter a New Stage Name and sequence (New Seq). Then select , and select Create.
    This is the order in which stages should display on the Applicant Detail page.
  4. If a task should display for the recruiter at a certain stage, select that task in the New Template dropdown.
    For existing templates, you can add tasks in this same window using the Assigned Admin Template dropdown.
    Note: For help creating templates, see Create Custom Tasks.
  5. After you have finished adding stages, select Close.
    Note: Changes are saved automatically.
To assign stages to a job category, see Create and Manage Job Categories.