Create Custom Tasks

Create custom forms or tasks for new hires or applicants to complete as part of the job application or Onboarding process.

Only the Onboarding / ATS Admin can create and manage custom tasks.

  1. Select Employee Tools > Hiring Process Builder.
  2. Select Setup > Manage Custom Tasks.
    Tip: To edit an existing task, select the applicable Template Name from the list.
  3. Select New Template.
  4. In the Create New Template pop-up window, enter a Template Name (task name), and select Create.
    The Manage Template page displays.
  5. To modify the name of the template at any time, select rename.
  6. To modify the standard report template for printed tasks, select the ellipsis next to Report RDL.
    • If you need the form to be assigned to a specific attachment type when the new hire record is initialized, you can select from the Attachment Type drop-down. This drop-down includes the DM Attachment Types created in Vista.
      Note: Completed documents from Applicant Tracking will attach to HR Resources if the applicant is moved to Onboarding and the new hire record is initialized to Vista.
      Tip: If you use secure attachment types, you must give your portal services account access to those secured types.
  7. To add text to the top of your form, select Edit Header Text.
    Header text might include a title or additional instructions for a form.
  8. Use the Header Fields section to add tasks to the top of your form. The Type options for header fields are limited to: Checkbox, Date, Numeric, Text, Time, and any Dropdown created in Manage Lookups.
  9. To add tasks to the template, select Add New Item Group.
    Item groups are the sections in which you add tasks or questions to a template. When you first create an item group, it displays as rolled up. Select the item group name to expand the section.
  10. To add a task or question to an item group, select Add Item. The following fields display:
    • Item Number: Allows you to number your questions (optional).
    • Item Prompt: Use to enter a task or question. If you have additional notes for this question, select Edit Long Prompt to add that text.
    • Response Type: Use this drop-down and the Advanced Optionsbutton to choose the answer format for a task or question. For full details of these options see Response Type Options.
      Note: Changes are saved automatically.
  11. When you have finished modifying your form, select Back to Manage Custom Tasks to create or review another template.
After you have finished creating custom forms you can include them in an Onboarding profile or job category.