Create and Assign Recruiting Tags

Create and assign tags for recruiting purposes.

Onboarding Admins and recruiting managers can create and assign tags. Recruiters assign tags but not create them.

Add tags in Applicant Details, and use them to sort or search for applicants on the Applicant Search page or in Job Requisition Detail. Tags not assigned to a district display for all applicants. District-specific tags display only for applicants who have applied to a job requisition tied to that district.
  1. To create a tag:
    1. Select Employee Tools > Manage Tags.
    2. Enter a Tag Description, for example, Potential Rehire.
      Note: If you want to assign district-specific tags, make sure that the following portal setting is not selected Hide District (Dept.) and Job Fields on Job Req. This setting is located under Admin > Portal Settings > Onboarding / ATS > ATS.
    3. Select Add.
      The new tag is added to the list of tags.
  2. To assign a tag:
    1. Access Applicant Details via the Applicant Search page or Job Requisition Detail.
    2. At the top of the Applicant Details page, select the drop-down for Tags, and select a tag from the list.
    3. Select the plus sign (+) to the right of the Tags drop-down field.
      The tag is added to the applicant's details.

    4. Add more tags as needed.