Send Recruiters an Email When a Candidate Applies

Notify recruiters when candidates submit an application by adding them to as blind copy (BCC) recipients on the Submitted Email Response template.

The Submitted Email Response template is sent to applicants when they submit an application. Currently, this is the only method for notifying recruiters automatically when a candidate applies.

You must be a System Admin and an Onboarding / ATS Admin to complete these steps.

  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Onboarding / ATS > ATS.
  2. In Email Template ID for Submitted Email Response, note the selected template.
  3. Select Employee Tools > Email Templates.
  4. Locate the template that you noted in step 2, and select Edit for that template.
    Note: If you have not yet created this email template, see Create and Modify Email Templates for help.
  5. In the Add Email field, enter the email address of the recruiter to be notified whenever a candidate submits an application.
  6. Select Add BCC (blind copy) to add the recruiter's name to the BCC line on the template.
    The recruiter’s email address will not visible to applicants.
    Note: Recruiters blind copied on the template receive emails for all submitted job applications. You cannot blind copy recruiters for specific job requisitions.
  7. To delete a recruiter from the blind copy, select the red x next to the recruiter's email address.