Create a Job Requisition

Job requisitions can be created by recruiters, recruiting managers, and Onboarding/ATS admins.

The Create Job Requisition page is split into four sections. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*). For descriptions of the fields on this page, see Job Requisition Fields.
Note: The page where you post jobs via the Applicant Tracking module must be available externally in order for candidates outside of your company to be able to apply.
  1. Select Employee Tools > Job RequisitionsEmployee Tools > Onboarding / ATS > Job Requisitions > New Requisition .
    The Job Requisitions page opens.
  2. Select a New Requisition.
    The Create Job Requisition page opens and a number is assigned to the requisition.
  3. Select a Job Category. This selection determines:
    • The tasks that applicants must complete before submitting their application.
    • The job templates available for this requisition.
  4. Select a Job Template. This selection determines:
    • Information that prefills the job requisition, including Position Title, Applicant Instructions, Position Description, Requirements, and Equal Opportunity fields.
    • The fields that must be completed in order to save the job requisition.
  5. To include the salary range for the job, enter a Pay Range.
    Pay ranges display on posted job requisitions, making them visible to job applicants.
  6. Review all fields that prefilled based on the job template, and determine if any changes are needed.
    To return to the template defaults at any time, select Reset to Template.
    Any edits you make apply to the current job requisition only and do not affect the job template.
  7. To assign a recruiter to your job, scroll to the third section on the page called Step 3: Select Recruiters, enter a recruiter’s name, and select Add.
    Recruiters can view only the job requisitions assigned to them. Onboarding/ATS Admin and Recruiting Managers can view all job requisitions.
    Note: If you are also assigning Veteran Recruiters, you can assign them after you have added them as a recruiter.
  8. If you have additional questions you would like to add as tasks that applicants must complete, enter them in the fourth section on the page called Step 4: Requisition Specific Questions. After you enter each question, select Add.
    Note: Applicant responses to additional questions are limited to 500 characters.
  9. When you have finished editing the job requisition, select Save Draft.
  10. To post the job requisition:
  11. To edit a job that has already been posted (to your careers page or in JobTarget), make your edits in the HR Management. These changes are reflected automatically on job board postings.