Push Job Requisitions to JobTarget

Onboarding Admins and recruiting managers with email addresses on file can push job requisitions to JobTarget and then post to job boards via the JobTarget application.

Your System Admin must have configured JobTarget portal settings before you can push job requisitions to JobTarget. See Configure JobTarget for more information.

If you have not yet created the job requisition and need assistance, see Create a Job Requisition.

Note: JobTarget integration requires that your employee portal is available externally.
  1. On the Job Requisitions page, select Recruiter Actions for a Job Requisition.
  2. Perform the following Recruiter Actions in order:
    1. Select Open Job Req. This opens the job requisition so that candidates can apply to it from within the portal. This does not post the job.
    2. If it is not already on, select Turn on Online App to allow applicants to apply. This option may default to on, depending on the Job Category settings.
      Note: If apply online is turned off, the job requisition cannot be posted in JobTarget.
    3. Select Post to Career Page
    4. In the Post Job Req pop-up window, select Post to Career Page & Push to JobTarget. This pushes the job to JobTarget where you can post it to specific job boards.
      Note: Jobs posted in JobTarget are posted to your external careers page by default.
  3. Select the job in order to open it on the Job Requisition Detail page.
  4. In the upper right, select the View in JobTarget button. This opens the job requisition in the JobTarget application.
  5. Perform the following steps in JobTarget:
    Note: For complete instructions on using JobTarget, refer to the JobTarget Support Center at: https://support.jobtarget.com/s/
    1. Preview and edit the job if necessary.
    2. When you are ready, select Post to Job Sites in the upper right of the JobTarget page. This opens the JobTarget marketplace where you can select the job boards where you want to post this job.
    3. After you have finished selecting job boards, select View Card / Proceed to Posting at the bottom of the page.
    4. Review your cart and proceed with payment. JobTarget.
    5. On the Create and Review Job Content page, you can review the job posting one last time, make additional selections for the posting, as required by JobTarget, and post the job.
  6. To edit a job that has been posted in JobTarget, make your changes to the job requisition in HR Management. These changes are pushed to the JobTarget posting automatically.