Automated Benefits Enrollment

Automate the data flow between your Benefits module and your benefits carriers and 401k providers through carrier connectivity.

Getting Started with Carrier Connectivity

Carrier connectivity is provided through Data Xchange. To learn how to get started and ask about pricing, please contact Data Xchange by completing the online form available at:

If you are an existing Data Xchange customer and want to learn more about carrier connectivity, please contact your customer support representative at Data Xchange. You can also enter a support ticket at:

How Carrier Connectivity Works

Data Xchange's Integration Platform securely gathers benefits data from HR Management for Vista and organizes it into the insurance carrier's preferred format. Data Xchange sends data to carriers at daily or weekly intervals, depending on carrier requirements. You and your team have the option to receive an email notification with a report each time Data Xchange sends a file to a carrier.

  1. Updates or changes to employee benefits are approved in HR Management as usual.
  2. Data Xchange's Integration Platform checks for updates and changes on a daily basis.
  3. If any errors are detected during the import from Data Xchange to the carrier platforms, Data Xchange automatically sends notifications with instructions for remediation.
  4. Changes are documented in a file format suited to each benefits provider.
  5. Files are sent to carriers based on their preferred schedules.

Advantages to Automated Benefits Enrollment

Through the implementation of carrier connectivity, your organization can automate the following processes:
  • Monitoring of plan changes.
  • Change detection and carrier file preparation.
  • File delivery to each carrier.
  • File import success / fail logs.
  • Error remediation instructions.

Supported Carriers

For a list of supported benefits carriers, see Which Benefits Carriers Does the Data Xchange Integration Support?.

Learn More About Carrier Connectivity

Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions: Data Xchange Integration section in Help for answers to common questions about the Data Xchange integration.

To learn more about implementing carrier connectivity with your Benefits module, contact Data Xchange at: