Benefits Checklist

Use the Benefits Checklist to ensure that you have completed the necessary setup for benefit codes.

Benefits Admins and System Admins can use this checklist when they are first setting up their benefits or when they are adding new benefit codes to the portal.

Configure benefit codes, benefit groups, and deduction codes in Vista

  • HR Benefit Code
    • Assign a Benefit Type to each benefit code. See Configure HR Benefit Codes for details.
      Note: The Benefit Types drop-down can be edited in the VA Custom Field Combo Boxes(Benefit Types).
    • Ensure all benefit codes have at least one deduction or liability code, and each code has a frequency, option, and is checked for Update Y/N.
    • If you want to show the Employer Cost in the portal, you will need to have Liabilities set up for each benefit option.
    • Each Benefit Code must be selected with Update PR.
  • HR Benefit Groups
    • You need to create at least one Benefit Group and assign your benefits in this benefits group. See Configure Benefit Groups for details.
    • You will assign employees to each benefit group in HR Management.
    • A user will be able to be assigned to multiple benefit groups.
  • HR Resource Benefits
    • If you would like your employees to see their current benefits, make sure that they are active and have a Deduction code. All Deduction/Liability Codes must have an option assigned and it must be the same for all codes. More than one option cannot be assigned to a benefit code. Benefit codes must also have a frequency code and the Updated Y/N option selected.
    • If you want to show the employee’s dependents, make sure that each dependent has its own line on that benefit code (the dependent sequence will tell you if that is the employee or their dependent).

Manage benefit assignments and portal settings in HR Management

  • Mange Benefit Assignments
    • Assign all users to Benefit Groups. See Configure Benefit Groups for details. Employees who are not assigned to a benefit group cannot see their current elections on the Benefits Dashboard.
  • Portal Settings
    • Ensure that you have reviewed the setting Input Settings Per Benefit Type so that each benefit type and the associated benefit codes display correctly. See Configure the Benefits Module for details.
    • Ensure you have reviewed all other portal settings under Admin > Portal Settings > Benefits.


  • If you are not seeing the correct benefit codes for your user, the Benefits Admins can use the Audit Benefits Codes option to determine the reason. Select Employee Tools > Benefits Dashboard, and locate the employee's name in the list. Select the Action button for that employee, and then select Audit Benefit Codes.