Benefits Dashboard Fields

The following table provides descriptions for the fields shown on the Benefits dashboard.

Access this page by selecting Employee Tools > Benefits Dashboard. For more help on Benefits, see the Benefits Dashboard page in Help.

Field Description
Filter Allows you to modify your Benefits Dashboard view and set up a group for Batch Action. Filter by PR Group, Earn Code, Craft, PR Dept, Benefit Group, or Window Type).
Employees Allows you to switch from Active and Inactive employees. Active employees are active in PR Employee and are assigned to a Benefit Group. and Inactive employees are not active in PR Employee and have a Benefit History from HR Management).
Manage Event Types Allows you to modify the qualifying events that display on the My Benefits Page during closed enrollment windows.

When managing a qualifying event type, you can set the following options:
  • Duration: The default length for a window when it is approved (set in days).
  • Attachment Required: Select to require that users add an attachment when submitting a qualifying event request. You can see the attachment when approving the window request.
  • Active: Active qualifying events display in the dropdown list for users to select.
Batch Action Allows you to take any of the following actions for the filtered group:
  • Initialize Enrollment Window: Set the window dates and window type for an enrollment window.
    Note: After you initialize a window, users receive an email that indicates the window type and window start and end dates, and provides a link to the enrollment page.
  • Email Enrollment Reminder: Email all employees in the filtered group who have not yet completed their window.
  • Export Current View to Excel : Provides a more in-depth look at the current benefits status for your users.
  • Export Summary: Print the Benefit Audit Report for each user for a specified open enrollment window. The Benefit Audit Report is a PDF that includes a summary of elected and declined benefits, the dependents selected, the acknowledgement text shown at the bottom of step 4, and their signature and date for a specific window. This report is also available for individual employees via the Action button.
Action Allows you to take actions similar to the Batch Action button, but for individual employees, and provides a link to the employee's pending requests, if applicable:
  • Create New Window: Create a new enrollment window for the selected employee. Select window start and end dates, the window type, and effective date.
    Note: Be aware of overlapping windows. If you try to create a new window that overlaps with the current window (even if it is completed), you will receive an error. Revise window dates or purge previous windows to continue.
  • Email Enrollment Reminder: Email the selected employee a reminder to complete the window.
  • Review Window Request: This option displays only if the employee has requested a window based on a qualifying event. You will see the notes they have entered, any attachments they submitted, and the qualifying event. Dates are prefilled based on defaults set up in Manage Event Types but can be changed. For more details see Reviewing Benefit Requests.
    Note: Currently, the attachment only displays here. Download and save the attachment if you need to add it to HR Resources.
  • Revise Window Dates: Allows you to modify and purge current open windows.
  • Review Dependent Changes: Allows you to review an employee's dependent changes.
  • Review Personal Changes: Allows Personal Info Admins or Document Admins to review an employee's Personal Information changes.
  • Review Benefit Requests: Allows you to review an employee's submitted benefit elections that are pending approval.
  • Proxy Benefit Elections: Allows you to view and submit Step 3 of the user's elections, and add or update dependents for an employee. This option only appears if the user's window is open (the status is Process Started or New).
  • View Window History: Allows you to view the employee's Benefit Window History and the Benefit Audit Report. This is a PDF that includes a summary of what benefits that user elected or declined, the dependents selected, the acknowledgement text that the user sees at the bottom of step 4, and their signature and date for that specific window.
    The Benefit Audit Report is available as follows based on the status shown in the Audit Report column of the Benefit Window History:
    • Pending Approval: Status set as soon as the window is created. Requests for this window have not been submitted and/or approved yet.
    • Generate: An audit report may not be available (either the benefits were not approved or they were approved before this setting existed). By selecting Generate, you will make the audit report both in the Benefit Dashboard for the Benefits Admin and in Manage My Benefits for the employee.
    • View: The audit report is available for download. Select to download and view the report.
  • Audit Benefit Codes: A troubleshooting tool to help you identify why a code may or may not be displaying for an employee. For more detail on this feature, see Audit Benefit Codes.