Open an Enrollment Window

When an enrollment window is opened, the employee is sent an email with the window type, the start and end dates for the window, and a link to the enrollment page.

  1. Select Employee Tools > Benefits Dashboard.
  2. If you want to open a window for multiple employees:
    1. Use the Filter dropdown at the top of the page to limit the list of employees for this window.
    2. Select Batch Action > Initialize Enrollment Window to open the Initialize Window Request pop-up window where you can set start and end dates for the window, select the window type, and enter an effective date.
  3. To open a window for an individual employee, select Action for the employee, and then select Create New Window.
  4. Complete the fields shown in the Initialize Window Request pop-up window:
    1. Enter the Start Date and End Date for the enrollment window. Users will not be able to request another window during this period.
    2. Select the Window Type.
      Tip: To edit Window Types, select Manage Event Types on the Benefits Dashboard.
    3. Enter the Effective Date.
      This date does not display for employees but populates the effective date shown on the Approve Benefits Requests pop-up during benefit approval. After elections are approved, the effective date populates the HR Resource Benefits profile.
    4. Select Initialize.