Review Benefit Elections

After a user has submitted their benefit elections, the Benefits Admin can review, reject, and approve these elections on the Benefit Requests page.

If a user has changed from one benefit code to another, you may want to wait to update payroll until the effective date, or restrict your HR Update Benefit by Employee or Benefit Code and limit by Effective date.
  1. Select Approval > Benefit Requests.
    The Benefits Requests page opens. You can filter this page by PRCo, PR Group, Earn Code, Craft, PR Dept, Benefit Group, and Window Type, or search for employees by name. Requests with attachments show a blue paperclip on the far right of the grid line.
  2. Select the Review button for the employee whose request you want to review.
    This opens a pop-up window where you cab see the current plan on file, the requested plan, the dependents or beneficiaries added and any attachments added.
  3. To reject election requests, you must select those lines one at a time, and then select the Reject button.
    Reject requests before approving new elections. When you reject an election it re-opens the window for the user and removes all submitted elections from the Benefits Requests page. On the Benefit Elections page, only the rejected election is deselected. The user can cancel and modify any other requests and re-submit. This re-submits all of the user's benefit elections.
  4. To approve an election or multiple elections, select the check box on the far left of the grid for those employees, and select Approve.
    This opens the Approve Benefits Requests pop-up window.

    The effective date will populate with the effective date entered when the window was requested. If the effective date defaults to today’s date, that means the elections selected have different effective dates.

    If a benefit code has an eligibility period, and the employee's date of hire plus the eligibility period falls after the effective date, the effective date for that benefit code will be changed to the date that the employee becomes eligible.

  5. To push the elections to HR Resources in Vista, select Approve.
Approved elections update the HR Resource Benefits but do not affect payroll until HR Update Benefit to PR is run.