Review Benefit Requests

The Benefits Admin is notified via email after an employee submits a qualifying event.

This Admin can then review and approve the request from the Benefits Dashboard.

Only the Benefits Admin can review and approve qualifying event requests.

  1. Select Employee Tools > Benefits Dashboard.
  2. Use the Status dropdown in the upper right of the page to filter the grid to Window Requested – Pending.
  3. For the user to review, select the Action button, and then select Review Window Request. On this pop-up you will be able to review and modify the Window Request.
    The Review Window Request pop-up window opens, showing the start and end date for the request, window type, effective date, and any notes or attachments that the user added.
  4. Review the Start Date and End Date.
    The Start Date defaults to today’s date and the End Date defaults based on the duration days assigned in Manage Qualifying Events. These can be modified as needed before and after the request is approved.
  5. Review and modify the Window Type as needed.
  6. Review and the Effective Date as needed.
    This field defaults based on the user's request.
    Note: If you need to download an attachment from a request after the window is approved, you can do so from the Benefits Dashboard. On the dashboard, select the Action button for the employee and then select Revise Window Dates. The attachments is available in the bottom left of the pop-up window.
  7. When you are finished, select Approve.
    Users receive an email letting them know their window has opened and a link to the Benefits page, unless you have enabled the portal setting Disable email notification when a new window is opened under Admin > Portal Settings > Benefits > Window Requests.