Configure Dependents

The Dependents module allows you to make selected HR Resource Dependents fields in Vista available for users to view and edit in HR Management.

Before users can use the Dependents module, you must configure module settings. You must be a System Admin to complete the following steps.
  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Dependents.
  2. Under General Configuration, select Enable Dependent Updates in the Portal.
    This enables the Dependents feature for all HR Management users.
  3. Select Employee Tools > Request Settings.
  4. In the Module dropdown, select HR Dependents.
  5. In the Available Fields dropdown, select the HR Resource Dependent field you would like to make available for your users, and then select Add To Portal.
    Repeat this step for each field that you want to make available.
  6. To remove a field, select the red x in the same line as that field.
    These fields are pulled from HR Resource Dependents in Vista.
  7. If you just added a new user-defined field, you will need to select Refresh Synonyms available under Admin > Portal Settings.
  8. As needed, re-order the newly-added fields using the up and down arrows, or rename the fields.
  9. To require a field as part of the Benefits process (when users update dependents), select the Req. for Benefits checkbox for each of those fields.
    Note: If you require the SSN (social security number), you can enable portal setting Ignore SSN Requirement if dependent is less than 30 days old for infants added to benefits who do not yet have a social security number (Admin > Portal Settings > Dependents > General Configuration).
    Note: To require attachments for new dependents, enable the portal setting New dependents require attachment documentation available under Admin > Portal Settings > Dependents > General Configuration. When this setting is enabled, users cannot save information for a new dependent until they add an attachment in the Add New Dependent window.
  10. Select Admin > Admin Roles, and assign the Benefits Admin.
    This user has permission to approve dependent change requests, and add or update dependents for an employee. See Admin Role Descriptions for more details. Dependent changes will not update in Vista until they are approved in HR Management.
    Note: If you have also enabled Benefits, this user will have permissions to the Benefit Assignments, Benefits Dashboard, and Benefit Requests pages.
    Note: Deleted dependents are removed from Vista after the Benefits Admin has approved the change. If you would like to keep deleted dependents in Vista but have them marked as Inactive, see Deactivate Dependents instead of Deleting Them.
After you have configured the Dependents module, test the request process to confirm that it is working as expected. Also, review other settings available under Admin > Portal Settings > Dependents to determine if you want to use any of them.