Deactivate Dependents instead of Deleting Them

By default, when a request to remove a dependent is approved, the dependent is deleted from HR Management.

However, if you want to preserve history, you can set up user-defined fields in Vista that allow you to deactivate dependents rather than deleting them.
  1. In Vista, select Viewpoint Administration > Programs > VA Custom Fields Wizard.
  2. Create a user-defined field called udIsInactive to go on the HRResourceDependents form, as shown in the following example.

  3. In HR Management, select Admin > Portal Settings.
  4. Select Refresh Synonyms.
When a request to remove a dependent is approved, this new field will be checked in the HR Resource Dependents in Vista. Any benefits associated with the dependent will be deactivated. The deactivated dependent will not be available when adding dependents.