Document Library

The Document Library is an easy way to share a variety of company-wide or employee group documents.

Choose to enable just the Company Announcements or the full Document Library.

If you enable Company Announcements, you can post messages on the home page of your portal for all or select employees to view.

If you enable the full Document Library, you can share documents for signature or acknowledgment as well as Library Items.

  • Documents for Signature or Acknowledgment allow you to share documents with specific employee groups for review. Users will see a notice on their Employee Portal home page notifying them that they have documents to review. They can also be sent email reminders by the Bulletin Admin. You can also choose to have a PDF copy of the signed or acknowledged documents added automatically to the PR Employee or HR Resource profile in Vista.
  • Library Items are used to share important links or documents with specific employee groups. Library Items are grouped under Document Categories so similar items can be found together.