Autoplay your Embedded Videos

Set up embedded videos to play automatically in a company announcement, document, or library item.

For additional information, see Create a Company Announcement, Create a Document for Signature or Acknowledgment, and Create a Library Item.
  1. Select Employee Tools > Document Dashboard.
  2. Open the Company Announcement, Document, or Library Item.
  3. In the Body section, select the Insert video icon.
  4. In the pop-up, enter the URL for the video, and select OK.
    A thumbnail of the video displays in the Body section.
    Note: The URL pop-up prefills with https://. If you are copying and pasting a video URL directly into the pop-up, ensure that you delete the prefilled https:// first. Otherwise, https:// may be duplicated in your link, and the link will not work.
  5. Select the Toggle html / Rich Text icon so that you are viewing the HTML text.
  6. Within the HTML, paste this string directly after the video link:
    For example:
  7. Select Save.
Your video will autoplay after the page loads.