Autoplay Your Embedded Videos

Set up embedded videos to play automatically in a company announcement, document, or library item.

For additional information, see Create a Company Announcement, Create a Document for Signature or Acknowledgment, and Create a Library Item.
  1. Select Employee Tools > Document Dashboard.
  2. Open the Company Announcement, Document, or Library Item.
  3. In the Body section, select the Insert video icon.
  4. In the pop-up, enter the URL for the video, and select OK.

    A thumbnail of the video displays in the Body section.

    Note: The URL pop-up prefills with https://. If you are copying and pasting a video URL directly into the pop-up, ensure that you delete the prefilled https:// first. Otherwise, https:// may be duplicated in your link, and the link will not work.
  5. Within the HTML, paste this string directly after the video URL: ?rel=0&autoplay=1
    For example:
    Note: In the rich text editor, the option no longer functions for editing HTML code. Selecting this icon only highlights text in the editor.
  6. Select Save.
Your video will autoplay after the page loads.