How can I Communicate Emergency Information from my Portal?

During an emergency or crisis situation, notify employees quickly using any of the following options.

Note: All features require configuration. If you are not already using these features, a System Admin must configure them.

Send an SMS via Group Messages

The group messages feature allows you to send SMS and emails to users. If you select Include Opted-Out SMS Recipients, your message will also go out to users who have opted out of receiving SMS messages in Manage Paperless Settings. For more information, see SMS Options, Send Group Messages, and Configure Paperless Consent.

Post a Document for Signature or Acknowledgment

Send a message to users and track which users have seen your message by creating a document for signature or acknowledgment. For more information, see Create and Modify a Document for Signature or Acknowledgment.

Create Library Items with Important Links and PDFs

To quickly share important links or documents for your users, you can create a Document Category for this information, and then add your links and documents under that category. For more information, see Create Document Categories.