Create a Library Item

Library Items allow you to share documents or links to websites on the Library Docs page.

These items display under the category heading for a specified group.
You must be a Bulletin Admin to create a Library Item.
Note: A Document Category must be configured before you can create a Library Item. See Create Document Categories for more information.
  1. Select Employee Tools > Document Dashboard.
  2. Select Add New.
  3. In Headline, enter the name of the library item.
  4. In Mode, select either Library Item.
  5. In Category, select the document category.
    The category determines which users can see the library item.
  6. Enter Start On and Expires On dates for the announcement.
    This date range determines the time period in which the library item is available. If you do not want the library item to expire, select the pin icon to the right of the Expires On date field.
  7. If you would like your library item to be a shared link, enter the full website in the Direct URL field. When a library item is a link, users can select the library item headline to open the link on another tab in their browser.
  8. To add attachments, use the following options:
    • In the Attachments section of the Edit Bulletin page, use the Drop a file or Click to upload box to either drag and drop an attachment or to navigate to a file that you want to attach to this announcement. The attached file displays as a link that users can select to view and access downloading options.

    • To have an attachment display in full for users rather than as a link, select the Embed Attachment In Page check box.

      • For multiple attachments, users will still be able to see the attachment but will have a filter available for viewing the different files.

      • Acceptable file types when embedding attachments: Only attachments that are PDF or images (for example, PNG, JPEG, or TIFF) can be embedded. Proprietary documents can be attached but not embedded. Attachments with file extensions .XLSM, .XLSB, and .DOCM can be added but not embedded.

    • Attachments can be downloaded by default. If you do not want users to have the option to download an attachment from the attachment viewer, select the Disable Attachment Download check box (displays only if you selected Embed Attachment In Page).
  9. When you are finished, select Save in the upper right.
    You can also select Save & Preview to see what your library item will look like to a user.
All users assigned to the document category will be able to see your library item.