Create and Modify a Document for Signature or Acknowledgement

Documents for Signature or Acknowledgment allow you to share documents with specific groups of users.

You can track signatures and acknowledgements, send email reminders, and push PDF copies of signed / acknowledged documents to the PR Employee or HR Resources in Vista.

You must be a Bulletin Admin to create or modify a Document for Signature or Acknowledgment.

  1. Select Employee Tools > Document Dashboard.
  2. Select + Add New.
  3. In Headline, enter the document name.
  4. In Mode, select either Document (Acknowledgment Required) or Document (Signature Required).
    • Documents for Signature require users to sign using the cursor (when on a computer), their finger (on mobile devices or tablets), or by selecting Generate Signature (if enabled).
    • Documents for Acknowledgment require users to select an Acknowledge button.
  5. Use the Ignore if Hired After to limit access to this document to employees hired after a certain date (applies to employees included in the employee group selected in the Manage Document Distribution section).
    Only users who were hired before this date will receive this document for signature / acknowledgment.
  6. Enter Start On and Expires On dates for the document.
    This date range determines the time period in which the document will be available. If you do not want the document to expire, select the pin icon to the right of the Expires On date field. Documents set to start in the future will not appear for users until that start date.
  7. In the Attach Documents To dropdown, you can select whether a PDF copy of the document should be attached to the user's PR Employee or HR Resources after it has been acknowledged or signed. If you do not want your document to attach in Vista, select None.
    • This attachment will include the title, body text, the attachment (if one was added), signature block text, date of the signature / acknowledgment, and signature (if it is a document for signature).
    • Use the Attachment Type to assign the document to a specific attachment type. This dropdown includes the DM Attachment Types you have created in Vista.
  8. In the Body section, enter the full message for your users.
    If your notice is already contained in a PDF, you can attach the document in the Attachments section instead of entering text in the Body section.
  9. To modify the Signature or Acknowledgment block text (text that appears just above where the user signs or acknowledges), enter the alternate text in the Signature / Acknowledgment Block Text field.

    This text displays on the PDF attachment to either HR or Payroll.

    If you leave this blank users will see our default acknowledgment text that reads: “I have agreed to submit this acknowledgment by electronic means. I also certify that I understand that an electronic signature has the same legal effect and can be enforced in the same way as a written signature.” This text also displays in the printed PDF.

  10. To add attachments, use the following options:
    • In the Attachments section, select the Drop a file or Click to upload box to either drag and drop an attachment or to navigate to a file that you want to attach to this announcement. The attached file displays as a link that users can select to view and access downloading options.

    • To have an attachment display in full for users rather than as a link, select the Embed Attachment In Page checkbox.

      • For multiple attachments, users will still be able to see the attachment but will have a filter available for viewing the different files.

      • Acceptable file types when embedding attachments: Only attachments that are PDF or images (for example, PNG, JPEG, or TIFF) can be embedded. Proprietary documents can be attached but not embedded. Attachments with file extensions .XLSM, .XLSB, and .DOCM can be added but not embedded.

    • For embedded PDF attachments with fillable fields, you can select the Is Fillable PDF checkbox (displays only if you selected Embed Attachment In Page) if you want users to be able to complete the fillable fields and have that information saved directly to Vista.

      Note: Please note the following when embedding fillable PDF forms:
      • A user's progress is not saved on fillable PDF forms. Users must complete the form and submit it in a single session in order for their information to be saved.

      • When you select Is Fillable PDF, you cannot add any other attachments to the current document. If a document already contains multiple attachments, you must delete the ones that are not the applicable PDF before you can save the document.

    • Attachments can be downloaded by default. If you do not want users to have the option to download an attachment from the attachment viewer, select the Disable Attachment Download checkbox (displays only if you selected Embed Attachment In Page).

  11. Use the Manage Document Distribution section to determine which users will have access to this document. In the Employee Groups That have access dropdown, add the appropriate employee groups. You can add multiple groups to the same Document for signature / acknowledgment. See Create Employee Groups for help setting up employee groups.
    Note: Only a System or Security Admin can create or modify employee groups.
  12. When you are finished, select Save in the upper right.
    You can also select Save & Preview to see what your document will look like to a user.
  13. On the Document Dashboard, the down arrow to the right of the Edit button provides the following options so that you can modify, review, track, and send reminders about documents:
    • View: Allows you to review a selected document.
    • Delete: Allows you to delete a selected document.
    • Track: Allows you to review how many users have signed /acknowledged your document. On the Track Responses page, you can choose Download to CSV to download a copy of the information. You can also push the signed /acknowledged document to Vista (it attaches automatically after acknowledgment /signature) by selecting To Vista. If your document is not set to attach (you selected None in the Attach Document To dropdown), this option is not available.
    • Send Email: Allows you to send a reminder email to all users who have not signed / acknowledged the document. This email includes a link to the document for signature or acknowledgment. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to send the email to all users before continuing.
After users sign or acknowledge a document, they will be able to still see those documents in the Document Archive section of My Library.