Library Docs User Guide

Use the Library Docs page to view documents that are awaiting your acknowledgement or signature, company announcements, and onboarding documents.

Access Library Docs

To access this page, select Employee Tools > Library Docs.

Navigate My Library

After you select Library Docs, the My Library page opens.

  • Documents awaiting signature or acknowledgment display at the top.
  • Select any document from the list to review and sign/acknowledge it.
    Note: Be sure to complete fillable PDF documents (documents that allow you to enter information directly on the screen) in a single session. Any progress you make on these forms is not saved for later. You must complete a fillable PDF document and submit it in a single session in order for your information to be saved.

Document Archive

After a document has been reviewed and signed, it is moved to the Document Archive section on the My Library page. All documents that you have signed, acknowledged, or been assigned to are stored in this archive.
  • Select any item from the Document Archive to review its details.
  • If you select a document that requires a signature, it will display at the top of the library item.