Send Group Messages

Bulletin Admins can send emails and SMS messages to employee groups from the Group Messages page.

To use this option, you must select the portal setting Enable Document Library under Admin > Portal Settings > Document Library > General Configuration.

Employee Groups are configured and maintained by System and Security Admins. To send messages via SMS, you must have configured SMS for your portal.

  1. Select Employee Tools > Group Messages.
  2. In Choose an Employee Group to Notify, select an employee group.
    Note: SMS Messages will only be sent to users who have a mobile number and/or carrier configured on their Vista PR Employee profile.
  3. In Message Type, choose from one of the following:
    • SMS Only
    • Email Only
    • SMS, but Email if No SMS or Opted-Out: If users do not have the required fields configured for SMS or have opted out of SMS notification through Paperless consent, they will get an email instead.
    • Email, but SMS if No Email: This option will send via SMS if usrs do not have an email in their profile in HR or Payroll.
  4. If you are sending an emergency message, select Include Opted-Out SMS Recipients.
    This includes users who have opted out of SMS messages through paperless consent.
  5. Enter a subject and body text (up to 1000 characters) for the message.
  6. To save the message to send at a later time, select Send Later. Then enter t
    1. Enter the date and time to send the message.
    2. Select Schedule Message.
  7. To send your message immediately, select Send Message.