Configure Earnings

The Earnings module allows users to download paystubs, processed timecards, and tax documents.

Before users can use the Earnings module, you must configure module settings. You must be a System Admin to complete the following steps.
  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Earnings.
  2. Expand the General Configuration section.
  3. In the setting Document Types to include in My Earnings History, enter the document types that you want to make available in the Earnings module. For a list of available document types and descriptions, see Document Types Available in Earnings. Separate multiple entries with a comma and no spaces. For example: PR,TCP,W2,COMP,TCS,1095C.
  4. By default, the Earnings module pulls in all earnings printed in Vista. To limit earnings documents by a certain date, enter that date in Date for earliest Earnings Document visible in the Portal.
  5. If you want paystubs to display in Earnings a certain number of days after the PR end date, enter that number of days in Enter the Number of days you wish to wait after the PREndDate until checks appear in the portal.
    A paystub will not display before the PR end date has passed.
  6. If you want paper check paystubs to display in Earnings a certain number of days after the paid date (date on the paper check) enter the number of days in Number of days after “Paid Date” to delay paper checks from Portal.
    Note: If you run paper termination checks from Vista, you may want to put at least a 1 in this setting so that users do not see a termination check paystub before they receive it.
  7. For help configuring settings in the Paperless Consent section, see Configure Paperless Consent.
  8. Expand the Tax Documents section.
  9. If you enable your tax documents (W-2, T4, or PAYG), you must update the setting Latest W-2 / T4 / PAYG Report Year with the current year.
    Important: You will need to update this setting once a year when you are ready to post tax documents for the previous year.
  10. For performance purposes, you may want to limit the number of annual tax documents that can be downloaded at a time in Paystub Tools. To do this, enter a number in the portal setting Number of annual documents to export at once (W-2, T4, 1095C).
  11. To assign access to Earnings:
    1. Select Admin > User Access.
    2. From the Module Bundle dropdown, select the Self Service option.
    3. Assign applicable users the Earn permission.
    For more information, see Assign Users Access to Modules. Inactive users can access Earnings if this module is enabled for them. You may want inactive users to have access to Earnings to view paystub history and tax documents.
    Note: If you would like all new users added to PR Employees in Vista (and therefore added to the User Access grid) to have access to Earnings, enable the portal setting Include Earnings in default profile located under Admin > Portal Settings > Security / Login > Default Profile. See Change Default Modules for New Employees for details.