Show W-2s not Processed in Vista

If you are not using Vista to create W-2s for your employees, you can manually attach your W-2s to the PR Employee record and then configure your portal to make these W-2s available to users.

  1. In Vista, manually attach your W-2s to the PR Employee record using the Attachment Detail form.
    1. To open the Attachment Detail form, select the Attachment icon in the main toolbar at the top of a form.
      The document name shown in Earnings pulls from the Description specified when attaching the document.

    2. When entering the Attachment Type for W-2s, make sure you complete the Months To Retain column for the number of months that W-2s should be available.

    3. If you plan to keep this attachment type secured:
      • Select Viewpoint Administration > Programs > VA Attachment Type Security.
      • Add the VA Security Groups you want to give access to this attachment.
      Note: If you do not have a group set up, you will need to create one and then add this group to the attachment type security.
      • Make sure to add KDSUser as a user on one of the security groups that you add to the attachment type. This allows access to this document from your employee portal. These files will display along with any years in which W-2 data exists through native processing in Vista.

  2. In your portal, configure Earnings so that W-2s manually attached in Vista are visible:
    1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Earnings > Advanced Configuration.
    2. Add the Attachment Type ID in the following portal setting: Attachment Type ID for Manually Added W-2s Attachments on Employee Record.
  3. To attach all of the W-2s to your PR Employee records but prevent them from being visible in the your portal:
    1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Earnings > General Configuration.
    2. Remove W2 from the following portal setting: Document Types to include in My Earnings History.