User Cannot See Paystubs

Resolve issues when paystubs are not showing for a user.

Is it past the PR End Date?

The earliest a paystub can display in the portal is one day after the PR end date. You may also want to adjust the dates you are using on the Earnings page to search.

You may have to wait additional days based on the portal setting Enter the number of days you wish to wait after the PREndDate until checks appear in the Portal under Admin > Portal Settings > Earnings > General Configuration. This setting also impacts the number of days past the PR end date that users must wait to view paystubs.

Confirm that the Paystub was Printed

By default, Earnings pulls your paystubs from Vista (either on PR Check Print or PR Direct Deposit Print). To determine if a paystub was printed:
  1. In Vista, select Payroll > Reports > PR Drilldown.
  2. Select a month and then select Preview.
  3. Drill into the details to find the relevant check stub.

Does the Pay Period in question have greater than zero (0) standard hours?

If the pay period does not have greater than zero (0) standard hours, and the portal setting Hide Paystubs of zero hour pay period from Earnings is enabled (Admin > Portal Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Earnings > Advanced Configuration), the paystubs for that pay period will not display in the portal.
Note: This setting is commonly used to hide bonus checks as they are being processed.

Are you attaching pay stubs to the employee?

In the PR Company Parameters form in Vista, ensure you have selected the checkbox for Attach Pay Stub to Employee Pay Sequence.