Users Cannot View W-2s in the Portal

Review Earnings and Paperless Consent settings to resolve issues when users cannot see their W-2 in the portal.

Check the reporting year

If you enable tax documents (W-2, T4, or PAYG) in your portal, you must update the reporting year via a portal setting annually. Otherwise, users will not see their latest tax documents. When you are ready to post tax documents for a reporting year, enter that year in the portal setting Latest W-2 / T4 / PAYG Report Year. See Update the Tax Year in the Portal for more details.

Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Earnings > Tax Documents

Check Paperless Consent settings

Employees who have not given consent for paperless tax document delivery will not see their W-2s in the portal unless you allow them to do so. You can do this by enabling the portal setting Allow employees who have not consented for electronic document delivery to view the documents in the portal. See Configure Paperless Consent for more details.

Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Earnings > Paperless Consent

Note: For a report showing what each user opted into or out of for Paperless Consent, download the Paperless Audit report from the User Access page (in the upper right of the User Access page, select the More button, and then select Download Paperless Audit).

Check the Error Log

Sometimes a permissions issue on the web server may be the reason that a user cannot view or download a W-2 or 1095-C. If so, you will see a specific error message in the Error Log. See Resolve Errors When Viewing Form W-2 or Form 1095-C for more details.

Learn about portal access for terminated employees

Former employees have access to the Earnings and Personal Info modules by default if those modules have been enabled for them on the User Access page. See About Portal Access for Terminated and Rehired Employees to learn about settings that affect portal access for former employees.