Resolve Errors When Viewing Form W-2 or Form 1095-C

In cases where users cannot view or download Forms W-2 or 1095-C, this may be due to permissions for the web server.

Check for a specific message in the error log, as indicated below. If the following troubleshooting steps do not work, enter a case in the Viewpoint Customer Portal.
  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Portal Info.
  2. Select the Error Log button.
  3. In the UserName field, search the for the user who is experiencing the error.
  4. Locate the corresponding error message and select View Error Info.
  5. If the error message is Could not find file in..., perform the following steps:
    1. On the server where your portal is installed, open IIS Manager.
    2. Expand the server.
    3. Select Application Pools.
    4. Locate the HRIM Application Pool, and take note of the Application Pool Identity.
      This is often either a custom account or the built-in Network Service or Application Pool Identity account.

    5. Expand Sites.
    6. Right-click the HRIM site, and select Edit Permissions.
    7. Select the Security tab and check if the Application Pool Identity is listed in Group or Usernames. If so, select it, and click Edit.
    8. In the Permissions for HRIM window, apply all permissions except Full Control, and click Apply.
  6. Ask the user to download the form again.