Paystub Tools

The Paystub Tools page allows PR Admins to print paystubs and annual documents, and send paystub notifications via SMS text messages (if SMS Messages are configured).

For help setting up paperless consent, see Configure Paperless Consent.

Print Paystubs

Select the PR Company, PR Group, and pay period for the paystubs to print.
  • Based on your selections, the number of paystubs found is shown.
  • Checks must have been printed in Vista and attached to the PR Employee record before they are found here.
  • Select Print Paystubs when you are ready to download a PDF copy of the paystubs.

Schedule Automatic Paystub Notices

This feature allows you to set up automatic notifications to users letting them know that their paystubs are available. Automatic paystub notifications are sent in two separate messages: one message informs the employee that a new paystub is available, and the other message includes a link to the employee's paystub in your portal.
  • These notifications are sent at 3 pm on the day that paystub is scheduled to appear (based on the time zone of your Vista server).
  • You can set up only one schedule per Payroll Group.
  • You can add a new schedule by selecting Add New Schedule and remove a schedule by selecting Remove.
  • Paystubs display based on the following portal settings:
    • Enter the Number of days you wish to wait after the PREndDate until checks appear in the portal
    • Number of days after “Paid Date” to delay paper checks from Portal

Send SMS Paystub Notifications

Send employees paystub notifications as text messages.
  • Select the PR Company, PR Group, Pay Period, and CM Reference number for the message.
  • Select the Send SMS Notification button to see a list of the employees that will be notified, the current filters being applied, and the employee cell phone number on record.

  • The text message will include Net Pay, Gross Pay, and a link for accessing Earnings in HR Management.
  • The employee's cell phone is pulled from the PR Employee Cell Phone field.
  • In order to send SMS paystub notifications, you must have SMS configured. See SMS Message Options for details. This option may require a ud field for the cell phone carrier for each employee because each carrier's email to SMS address is slightly different. If you are using Twilio, you do not need to add this ud field.
  • The process source for this message in the mail log is SMS Earnings Notice - [HRDistributeSMSEarnNotice].
  • To obfuscate amounts in the message and format the URL for your employee portal as plain text, use the following portal settings available under Admin > Portal Settings > Earnings > General Configuration:
    • Earnings SMS - hide amounts in Text Message
    • Format SMS portal URLS as plain text instead of links (advanced setting)

Print Annual Tax Documents

Print annual documents for employees by completing the following fields:

  • Select the Payroll Company.
  • Select the Opt-In Status for the employee(s) whose documents you want to print: All, Opt-In, or Opt-Out. The Opt-In Status refers to whether an employee opted-in or opted-out of electronic document delivery. For example, if you want to print documents for employees who consented to electronic document delivery, select Opt-In. You can also choose to print documents for all employees.
  • Select the tax year for the annual documents that you want to print.
  • Select the document to print: W2, 1095C, or T4. The number of documents found displays next to the download button for that document type.
  • Select an employee or select All employees. The Employee dropdown is not available until you select the other filters in this section.
  • Select the download button to download a copy of the documents for review.