Year-End Reporting

Learn about year-end version requirements and resources.

Year-End Version Requirements

To complete year-end processing, you must be using the following application versions:
  • The Vista year-end version for the current tax year.
  • A currently-supported version of HR Management (the latest version or up to one prior version).

Resources for Year-End Processing

Vista Help:

Vista Help provides resources to help you with year-end processing and regulatory reporting for the United States and Canada. See the following Vista Help articles for more information:
  • Quarter/Year-End Processing: From this page, you can navigate to information on year-end processing in the Vista Payroll module. This includes W-2, Unemployment, and ACA reporting for the United States, as well as PAYG reporting for Australia and T4 processing for Canada.
  • Process W-2s in Vista: This page includes detailed information on setting up the PR W-2 Process form to initialize (or re-initialize) W-2 information for a specified year and generating W-2 forms for electronic filing.

Web portal Help:

For a collection of pages that can help answer frequently asked questions about year-end processes related to the web portal, including viewing or printing W-2s, and managing benefits, applicant tracking, and onboarding at year-end, see Year-End Resources for the Web Portal.

About the Vista-Aatrix Integration

Aatrix is recommended for all US and Canadian regulatory reporting, including printing and e-filing of W-2s, 1094/1095s, 1099s, T4s, and T5018s. However, Vista does provide the ability to generate and download Federal W-2s and 1099-NECs for manual submission to the IRS.

For resources on the Aatrix integration, see Aatrix Reporting and Vista-Aatrix Integration in Vista Help.

Important: Please be aware that the Aatrix application does not send data back to Vista. Once you generate regulatory filings and submit them to the appropriate taxing authority (via Aatrix), any corrections to those filings must be done directly in Aatrix.

Since Aatrix does not send data back to Vista, you may want to manually update your data in Vista to match the corrections you make in Aatrix; however, you cannot submit corrections to Aatrix via Vista.

Important: Only changes made in Vista will be reflected in your web portal. Changes and corrections made in Aatrix are not sent to your web portal.

See Make Corrections to Regulatory Filings via Aatrix in Vista Help for more information.