Year-End Reporting

Learn about year-end version requirements and resources.

Year-End Version Requirements

To complete year-end processing, you must be using the following application versions:
  • The Vista year-end version for the current tax year.
  • A currently-supported version of HR Management (the latest version or up to one prior version).

Vista Year-End 2021 Transition to Aatrix

Beginning with tax year 2021, year-end regulatory reporting for US and Canadian Vista customers, including W-2, ACA, 1099, T4, and T5018 forms printing and e-filing, requires Aatrix.

Learn more about the Aatrix integration:

Please review the following Knowledge articles and make sure you are prepared for the transition to Aatrix in advance:

Click here for information about enrolling with Aatrix.

Set up the Aatrix integration with Vista:

If you have not yet set up the Aatrix integration with Vista, see the following pages for help:

Correct regulatory filings after uploading data to Aatrix:

The Aatrix application does not send data back to Vista.

If you need to correct regulatory filings after uploading data to Aatrix, you must use Aatrix to make those corrections. You cannot submit corrections to Aatrix via Vista. However, you may want to manually update your data in Vista to match any corrections made in Aatrix. Only changes made in Vista will be reflected in your web portal. Changes and corrections made in Aatrix are not sent to your web portal.

See Make Corrections to Regulatory Filings for more details.

Year-End Resources

For answers to frequently asked questions about year-end processes in Vista and the portal, see Year-End Processing and Resources.