Year-End Resources for the Web Portal

Use the following resources to find answers to frequently asked questions about year-end processes related to annual tax documents, benefits, applicant tracking, and onboarding.

View or Print W-2s in the Portal

Use the Earnings module to view and download W-2s and other tax documents generated in Vista.
Important: Be sure to update the Latest W-2 / T4 / PAYG Report Year portal setting with the correct reporting year once you are ready for that year's annual documents to be available in the portal. See Update the tax year in the portal for details.

Earnings Overview and Setup:

Print W-2s and Other Tax Documents:
Troubleshooting W-2 Issues:

Manage Benefits at Year-End

See the following resources for help managing benefit enrollment, reviewing benefit codes, or troubleshooting issues with your benefits workflow:

Benefits Overview and Setup:

Manage Applicant Tracking and Onboarding at Year-End

See the following resources for help managing and posting job requisitions, reviewing job applications, and onboarding new hires.

Applicant Tracking Overview and Setup:

Troubleshooting Applicant Tracking: