Configure Emergency Contacts

Allow users to access emergency contact information.

Only System Admins may access portal settings.

  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Personal Information > General Configuration.
  2. Select Enable Update of Emergency Contacts.
    If you leave this setting blank, the Emergency Contacts option is not available from the Employee Tools menu in the portal.
  3. By default, the Relationship field for emergency contacts allows freeform text entry. If you want this field to provide predefined options, you can set up a custom combo box in Vista and enter the name of that combo box in the portal setting Custom combo box type for emergency contact relationship types. See Relationship Custom Combo Box for details.
  4. To allow admins and manager to view emergency contact information for other employees, select Admin > Approval Permissions.
    Note: See Assign Approval Permissions for full details on setting up approval permissions.
    1. Select the admin or manager in the Give Permission To field.
    2. In Permission Type, select Can View Emergency Contacts For.
    3. In For This Group, choose the Employee Group whose emergency contacts this admin or manager should be allowed to view.
    4. Select Add to assign the permission that you have just set up.