Allow Employees to Select Expense Reviewers

Although a less common configuration, you can allow users to select their expense reviewer.

Those reviewers, in turn, continue the routing process. When a user is selected as a reviewer, that person receives an email when an expense is routed for their approval.
  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Expense.
  2. Select the Show Advanced Configuration check box at the top of the page.
  3. Expand the Advanced Configuration section.
  4. Select Allow Employees select Expense Review on submission.
    • When this setting is enabled, a Reviewer field is available on the Submit Expense Report for Approval page. The user can enter or search for a reviewer for routing. The search is base on reviewer names listed in HQ Reviewers in Vista. Users can select only one reviewer, and they cannot select themselves.
    • After approving the expense, the reviewer can choose to be the final reviewer simply by approving the expense, or route to another reviewer using the Select the next reviewer field in the Expense Approval window. This reviewer search is also based on names listed in HQ Reviewers in Vista.
    Note: To allow different reviewer groups for expenses and AP invoices, in the HQ Reviewer grid in Vista, add a user-defined field called udExpenseReviewer, with Y/N options. Set expense reviewers to Y. When submitting expenses, only users with the UD field set to Y may be selected as reviewers.