Configure Expense Credit Cards

If your company issues credit cards to employees, you can allow users to code their credit card transactions through the Expense module.

The following configuration is needed to ensure that credit card vendors get paid and that credit card transations display on a user's Expense page.

You must be a System Admin to configure this feature.
  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Expense.
  2. Expand the Credit Card section.
  3. In Vendor for Credit Card Processing, enter the vendor number for each payroll company in the following format: [Payroll Company]:[Vendor Number]. For example, for company 1 and vendor number 27364, your entry would look like this: 1:27364.
    If you have multiple payroll companies, separate groupings with a semicolon (;) and no spaces. For example: 1:27364;4:333278.
    This setting is required in order to pay the credit card vendor.
  4. If you want to map credit card expenses to different AP companies from reimbursements, you can use the portal setting Credit Card - PRCo to APCo map override. This setting overrides your PRCo to APCo map setting specifically for credit card expenses.
    For each company, enter the PR company number followed by a colon and then the AP company number for the credit card company. For example, 1:5.
    If you have multiple PRCo to APCo groupings, separate those groupings with a semicolon and no spaces. For example, 1:5;4:5.
  5. Select Admin > User Access.
  6. In the Module Bundle drop-down, select Expense.
  7. For each user who will be submitting credit card expenses, enter the last four digits of that user's credit card in Last 4 digits on credit card. This ensures that credit card transactions display on the user's Expense page.
    Separate multiple entries with a comma and no spaces. For example: 3333,5555.
    Credit card transactions are imported by the Expense Admin and will only display on a user's Submit Expense page if they can be linked to the last four digits on that user's credit card.
  8. If you would like users to be emailed when a credit card transaction for their credit card is imported, enable portal setting Notify Credit Card Users When Transactions are Uploaded.
  9. If all user expense items will be credit card transactions, you can enable portal setting Prevent submission of expense item if not linked to credit card transaction.