About Expense Approval Assignments

Expense approvers may be assigned on the User Access page and in Approval Permissions.

You can use either option or a combination of both when setting up expense approval. For both options, reviewers approve expenses via the Expense Approval page. For help configuring expense approval, see Configure Expenses.

Expense Reviewer Group

On the User Access page (Admin > User Access > Module Bundle > Expense), you can assign an Expense Reviewer Group to individual users.

The Expense Reviewer Groups available for selection are pulled from the Invoice Reviewer Groups and Timesheet Reviewer Groups that are set up in Vista HQ Reviewer Group.

Expense Reviewer Groups allow for serial approval. Approvals flow through the expense approval workflow that is set up for the reviewer group in Vista HQ Reviewer Group.

Expense Approval Permissions

In Admin > Approval Permissions, you can assign employee groups created in the portal with permission to approve expenses for other groups (Permission Type > Can Approve Expenses For).

Expense approval assignments made on the Approval Permissions page do not support serial approval. Only one approver is required to approve the expense.

When an Expense Reviewer Group and Expense Approval Permissions are assigned

If a user has been assigned an Expense Reviewer Group in User Access and expense approvers in Approval Permissions, reviewers from both groups will be able to approve expense receipts. Expenses will flow through Expense Reviewer Group sequences as usual.

In expense approval workflow:
  • Step 1 will show reviewers assigned in Approval Permissions followed by users assigned in the Expense Reviewer Group. Step 2 (if applicable) will show reviewers assigned to the next review sequence in the Expense Reviewer Group.
  • If you have enabled the portal setting Enable Job Reviewer Expense Approvers or Enable Job Reviewers Tab for Expense Approvers, Expense Reviewer Group assignments will be overridden by invoice reviewers assigned in Vista JC Jobs.
  • Reviewer names will include the portal location where their expense approval permissions were assigned. For example, Dave Peterson - Approval Permissions, Lee Smith - User Access, or Lisa Crane - Job Assignment.