Create an Expense Item

Create a new expense or use Quick Add to capture a receipt. You can also copy an existing expense and modify it as needed.

After you create an expense item, you can add details to it right away, or modify it at any time before submitting it. See Edit an Expense Item for more information.
  1. Select Employee Tools > Expenses.
  2. To create a new expense item, select New Expense Item
    This opens the New Expense Item window where you can add expense details or save the expense item and add details at a later time.
  3. To capture a receipt and basic information for your expense item, select the Quick Add button.
    Tip: On a mobile device or tablet, you will see a dollar sign icon in the navigation bar on the main page of the portal. This icon behaves the same way as the Quick Add button.
    When you select Quick Add, you can:
    • Select a receipt to load into your expense item.
    • Edit expense item information immediately, or save the information to edit at a later time. You can edit expenses as long as they have not been submitted for approval.
      Tip: Quick Add automatically uses the current date and time for the expense entry, but you can edit this as needed. If you are short on time, leaving the current date and time can help you locate the expense later when you are ready to add details.
  4. If you have expense items that are very similar, you can select the Copy button for the item that you want to copy and edit.