Manage Credit Card Expenses

Use the Submit Expense page to code and submit credit card transactions.

After the Expense Admin imports credit card transactions, transactions linked to the last four digits of a user's credit card display at the top of that user's Submit Expense page.

Add credit card transactions

If you have not already coded the credit card purchase to a expense item, select Add. This removes your transaction from the Credit Card Transaction grid and creates a new expense item.

Match items to credit card transactions

You can enter your purchases from your credit cards when they happen, and when the matching transaction comes in (matches by date and amount), a green Match button displays for that credit card transaction.

When you select this button, the credit card transaction is removed from the Unreconciled Credit Card Transactions grid and link it to the Expense item.

If there are more than one Expense items that match, you will be able to select the Expense Item.

Note: If an item description or notes were added when the credit card transaction was uploaded, this information will be added to the end of your existing Item Description and Notes.

Unlinking an expense item from a credit card transaction

If you have linked the expense item to a credit card transaction by accident, you can unlink the two by selecting Unlink at the top of the Edit Expense Item window.

Split one credit card transaction between two expense items

Link the credit card transaction and edit the item to the desired amount. Then complete remaining fields in the Edit Expense Item window. Select to Save and Close the expense item. The credit card transaction will update with the remaining amount in the Unallocated Amount column.
  • If you add the remaining credit card transaction, it should reflect the unallocated amount.
  • Split credit card expense items cannot be submitted for approval unless the total amount has been allocated.