Submit Expense Items for Approval

Submit an expense packet for approval. Once expenses are submitted for approval, they can no longer be edited.

Depending on portal settings, users may have the option to submit individual expenses directly from the New Expense Item window, without having to submit an expense packet. For help adding details to expense items, see Edit an Expense Item.
  1. To submit an expense packet:
    1. Select Employee Tools > Expenses.
    2. In the Items Pending Submission grid, select the items to submit.
    3. Select the Submit Selected For Approval button.
      The Submit Expense Report for Approval window opens, showing a summary of each selected item.
    4. Enter a Description of Submission (ex: December Expenses) to label the expenses that you are about to submit.
      Note: If the Reviewer field is available, enter the name of the expense reviewer for routing, and select Add. If this field is not showing, expenses are routed based on the workflow that your Expense Admin has configured.
    5. If the Reviewer field is available, select an expense reviewer.
    6. Click Submit.
      You will see the status of your submitted expenses and can print a report of the grouped items submitted.
  2. To submit individual expense items:
    1. Select Employee Tools > Expenses.
    2. Select New Expense Item, and enter expense details.
    1. Click Save and Submit at the bottom of the window.
      If enabled, the Save and Submit button is also available when editing expenses.
After the expense is fully approved or rejected, an email is sent to the employee who submitted the expense or packet to notify them that the expense was either approved or rejected. The employee can edit the rejected expense items and resubmit them for approval. To view notes on rejected expenses, re-open the Submit Expense page. In the Items Pending Submission section, rejected expenses show with a red x icon in the Rejected column. Select this icon to view notes that explain why the expense was not approved.