Create and Manage Hiring Locations

Hiring locations allow you to separate Onboarding profiles and permissions.

Create hiring locations before you create Onboarding profiles.

Only the Onboarding / ATS Admin can create hiring locations.

  1. Select Employee Tools > Hiring Process Builder.
  2. Select the Setup button and then select Manage Hiring Locations.
  3. Select the New Location button.
  4. Enter the location name, and then select the green Save icon.
    The User Groups for Access section displays.
    Note: If your company has only one location, you only need to set up a single hiring location.
  5. In User Groups for Access, use the dropdown to select the employee groups should have access to new hire information for this hiring location.
    • After you choose a group, select the Add button. The permissions dropdown displays.
    • To view all members of a user group, select the View button. To modify a group, select Edit.
  6. In the permissions dropdown for the user group, assign the appropriate permission level to the user group. Users can access information only for new hires assigned to profiles within their hiring locations.
    • Can Invite Only: These users can send onboarding invitations and view the Onboarding Dashboard grid to track new hire progress (users are not able to acces new hire details from the grid).
    • Can View: These users can do the following:
      • Access Onboarding Details from the Onboarding Dashboard.
      • Complete Step 2 of Forms I-9 and W-4.
      • Add, remove, and reset tasks.
      • Add notes to the Onboarding Detail page.
      • Send reminders to new hires.
    • Can Invite & View: In addition to Can View permissions, these users can send onboarding invitations.
    • Can Initialize: In addition to Can Invite & View, these users can initialize new hires to Vista, which creates a new HR Resource record. See Send an Onboarding Invitation for details.
      Note: The Onboarding / ATS Admin does not have permission to initialize by default. If this Admin will be testing the hiring process setup, you may want to assign this person Can Initialize permission.
After hiring locations have been created, the Onboarding Admin can create and assign permissions to onboarding profiles and assign these onboarding profiles to hiring locations.