Initialize a New Hire to Vista

Initialize new hire records to Vista after they have been reviewed and you are ready to add those records to HR Resources in Vista.

  1. Select Employee Tools > Onboarding Dashboard.
  2. From the Employee column, select the new hire's name.
    The Onboarding Details page displays.
  3. Enter the Expected Hire Date.
    Note: If this date is in the future, the Vista record will not be marked as active and must be updated manually on the employee's official hire date.
  4. Select Initialize to Vista.

    The Initialize to Vista pop-up window opens, allowing you to enter information required to create the new HR Resource record.

    1. Complete all required fields (display with a red asterisk). After required fields are entered, you can select Initialize to create the new HR Resource record and attach all completed forms.
    2. The HR Company and Payroll Company fields (and dependent fields such as PR Department and Default Earn Code) are dependent on the following:
      • The PR Companies set up in HR Company Parameters in Vista.

      • The PR companies enabled in the portal setting PR Company and PR Groups to be included in the Portal under Admin > Portal Settings > Administration / Initial Setup.

    3. For the HR reference number (HR Ref), note the following options:
      • You can use the Auto Generate HR Ref feature to create a new HR Reference number based on the next sequence in Vista. If you prefer to enter your own number, enter it in the HR Ref field.

      • You can enter an HR Reference number in Expected HR Ref (on the Onboarding Employee Details page) for new hires who should have a specific number assigned to them. This number will then be skipped when using Auto Generate HR Ref.

      • For rehires, the HR Ref and other fields prefill based on the record linked in the Rehire Employee field on the Onboarding Employee Details page.

    4. If you enter a value in the Hourly / Salary Amt. field, upon initialization, this value flows to Vista HR Resources only, not to PR Employees.
      • In HR Resources, the Hourly / Salary Amt. value flows to the Salary History tab.

      • In PR Employees, you must enter a Salary or Hourly Rate manually on the Add'l Info tab.

    5. If you choose an Occupation Category from the dropdown, this value flows to PR Employees in Vista.

      The selection options are dependent on the occupation categories set up in PR Occupational Categories in Vista.

    6. If you choose a Position Code from the dropdown, this value flows to HR Resources in Vista.

      The selection options are dependent on the position codes set up in HR Position Codes in Vista.

    7. If you are using Vista 2022 R2 (or later) with portal version 22.12 (or later), when you initialize a new hire to Vista, the Federal Tax Exempt checkbox on the PR Employees and HR Resources forms is updated automatically based on the exempt status that the employee selected on Form W-4 during onboarding.
When you initialize a new employee, signed / acknowledged documents and any forms completed during onboarding are attached to the HR Resource record in Vista. If the new hire moved to Onboarding from Applicant Tracking, any forms completed as part of the job application process are also attached to the HR Resource record. Fields completed in Personal Info, on Forms I-9 and W-4, and on the Voluntary Self-Identification form prefill the new HR Resource record. Amounts left blank on Form W-4 will show a zero (0) in Vista.