Onboarding Dashboard Fields

The following table provides descriptions for the fields shown on the Onboarding Dashboard.

Access this page by selecting Employee Tools > Onboarding Dashboard. For more help on Onboarding, see the Onboarding Dashboard page in Help. Onboarding / ATS Admins and users with permission to Invite, View, or Initialize for a hiring location can view this page. For details on permissions, see Create and Manage Hiring Locations.

Tip: Working with the grid:

To filter, sort, add, or remove grid columns, select the Column Settings button in the column header, then choose an option from the submenu.

To sort more than one grid column at the same time, hold Ctrl while selecting the headers of the columns you want to sort.

For more detailed explanations of working with the grid, see Manage Grid Layouts.

Field Description
Profile Defaults to All Profiles, or users can filter the grid by employees assigned to a specific profile.
Status Defaults to new hires whose forms are Pending & Submitted. Users can see only those profiles assigned to their hiring locations.
  • Pending: New hires who have received the Onboarding invitation and/or have begun the onboarding process but have not submitted forms.
  • Submitted: New hires who have completed all required tasks and have submitted forms.
  • Archived: Users with Can View permissions can archive new hire records. These can be unarchived at any time.
  • Initialized: New hires whose records, including all attachments, have been moved to the HR Resource Manger in Vista.
  • Initialized, attachments pending:
    Note: This status applies only if the portal setting Disable Uploading of Attachments to Vista on Initialization has been enabled.
    New hires whose records have been moved to the HR Resource Manager in Vista without file attachments. After attachments are added to Vista manually, this status changes to Initialized.
Search Allows you to search by new hire name and email address.
Grid Layout button Allows you to change the available fields, and column size, order, and grouping.
  • Save Grid Layout: Saves the current layout for the logged-in user only.
  • Reset Grid Layout: Returns the grid to default settings.
I-9 Utility Allows you to send corrected I-9 forms to each selected new hire's HR Resource record in Vista within a specified period of time. These forms display as Corrected_I9.
  • In the I-9 Utility pop-up window, select a date range to enable the Employee List dropdown.
  • In the Employee List dropdown, you can select employees whose forms you want to send to Vista.
Note: Only the Onboarding Admin can access this feature.
New Onboarding Invitation Allows you to send an invitation to begin the onboarding process. See Send an Onboarding Invitation for details.
Note: This option is available only to users who have Invite permission for the hiring location. these users must have the new hire's name and employee address in order to send the invitation. he Onboarding Admin can access to this feature.
Hiring Process Builder Allows Onboarding /ATS Admins to access the Hiring Process Builder where they can Create Hiring Locations, Create Document Templates, Create Custom Tasks, and Set up Onboarding Profiles.
Employee Allows users to access the Employee Details page for a new hire in order to review completed tasks, complete the HR steps for Forms I-9 and W4, add notes, complete internal tasks, and, for users with permission, initialize the new hire record to Vista.
Note: This option is available only to users who have View permission for the hiring location.