Onboarding Employee Details

Use the Onboarding Employee Details page to view information for new hires who have started the onboarding process.

Users assigned the Can View permission for a hiring location can access this page. To see Employee Details, open the Onboarding Dashboard (Employee Tools > Onboarding Dashboard), and select the new hire's name from the Employee column. See Create and Manage Hiring Locations for details on permissions.

From the Onboarding Employee Details, authorized users can do the following:
  • View the new hire's current onboarding status and expected hire date (if known).

  • Change the hiring location and onboarding profile for a new hire (if necessary).

  • Send a reminder to a new hire to complete onboarding tasks.

  • Archive new hire records.

  • Find the new hire's access PIN.

  • Initialize a New Hire to Vista.

To learn more about the options and fields on this page, see Onboarding Employee Details Fields.