Onboarding Employee Details Fields

The following table provides descriptions for the fields shown on the Employee Details page.

Users with View permissions can use this page to see details for new hires who have started the onboarding process. To access this page, open the Onboarding Dashboard (Employee Tools > Onboarding Dashboard), and select the new hire's name from the Employee column. See Create and Manage Hiring Locations for details on permissions.

Field Description
Onboarding Profile The onboarding profile currently assigned to this new hire. Onboarding profiles determine which tasks the new hire will complete during the onboarding process and are initially assigned when you send the onboarding invitation. To assign a different onboarding profile to a new hire, select the Change Profile button.
Hiring Location The hiring location currently assigned to this new hire. Hiring locations are typically associated with onboarding profiles and determine which users can access the new hire's information. To assign a different hiring location to a new hire, select the Change Profile button.
Change Profile Allows you to modify the onboarding profile or hiring location currently assigned to this new hire.

When making selections in the Change Onboarding Profile pop-up window, note the following:
  • You can change the Onboarding Profile without changing the Hiring Location.
  • Changing the Hiring Location clears the current Onboarding Profile. You must assign an Onboarding Profile before you can save and exit the pop-up window.
Email The new hire's email address as entered in the onboarding invitation.
Date Sent The date that the onboarding invitation was sent to the new hire.
Access PIN The access code that the new hire must use to log in to your onboarding site. This PIN is generated automatically when you send the onboarding invitation.
Current Status The employee's current onboarding status.
  • Pending: The new hire has received the onboarding invitation and/or as begun the onboarding process but has not submitted forms.
  • Submitted: The new hire has complete all required tasks and has submitted forms.
  • Archived: Users with Can View permissions can archive new hire records. These can be unarchived at any time.
  • Initialized: The new hire's record, including all file attachments, have been moved to the HR Resource Manger in Vista.
  • Initialized, attachments pending:
    Note: This status applies only if the portal setting Disable Uploading of Attachments to Vista on Initialization has been enabled.
    The new hire's record has been moved to the HR Resource Manager in Vista without file attachments. After attachments are added to Vista manually, this status changes to Initialized.
Expected HR Ref Allows Onboarding Admins to enter a specific HR reference number for a new hire. This number is then skipped if you select Auto Generate HR Ref when initializing new hires to Vista.
Expected Hire Date If you know the date you expect to officially hire the employee, enter it here. This prefills the hire date when the employee is initialized to Vista.
Rehire Employee For rehired employees, this field allows you to link the new hire's record to an HR Resource record.
  • If an HR Resource record was linked when the invitation was sent, that information populates in this field.
  • When the new hire is initialized to Vista, the existing HR Resource record is updated instead of a new record being created.
Initialize to Vista Allows users to create a new HR Resource record for a new hire or update an existing one, if this employee is a rehire. See Initialize a New Hire to Vista for details.
Notes Allows users to enter internal notes that are shared among users with access to the new hire's record.
Send Reminder Sends an email to remind the new hire to complete onboarding tasks.

This email includes a link to the Onboarding welcome page and login information.
Archive / Delete Employee
  • Archive Employee: Allows you to remove an employee from the onboarding process but keep the new hire record. These records can be unarchived at any time. New hires cannot access onboarding tasks if their record has been archived.
  • Delete Employee: Allows you to remove a new hire's record. Deleting a new hire record removes it from the system.
Export Completed Tasks Allows users to download all completed onboarding tasks for this new hire to a zipped file folder.
Personal Information Allows users to view the personal information that the new hire entered during onboarding.
Voluntary Self-Identification Allows users to view voluntary self-identification information that the new hire provided during onboarding. This section displays only if the Voluntary Self-Identification form was added to the Onboarding profile.
Task Tracker Allows users to view all onboarding tasks assigned to this new hire, including Forms I-9 and W-4 if those were included in the Onboarding profile.
  • Tasks highlighted in blue are internal onboarding tasks.
  • If you need to complete Step 2 of Form I-9 or Form W-4, those steps are available from the Task Tracker section.
  • If the employee is a rehire, Step 3 of Form I-9 also displays as a task.
  • If a custom task includes multiple attachments, those attachments display in a drop-down list when viewing that specific task.
Add Step Allows you to add tasks for the new hire to complete during onboarding.
Remove / Reset Select remove to remove an onboarding task from this new hire's list. Select reset to clear the form.