Send an Onboarding Invitation

Send onboarding invitations to new hires to allow them to complete digital onboarding documents from your portal. Only those with permission to Invite or Initialize will be able to do this process.

Users must have Invite or Initialize permission for a hiring location in order to send an onboaridng invitation. See Create and Manage Hiring Locations for details.
  1. Select Employee Tools > Onboarding Dashboard.
  2. Select New Onboarding Invitation.
    The Send Onboarding Invitation pop-up window opens.
    1. The first field relates to rehired employees. If the employee is a rehire, enter the employee name or number as shown in HR Resources in Vista. You can also link rehires to a Vista record on the Employee Details page.
    2. Enter the new hire's First Name, Last Name, and Email.
      You cannot send the invitation without this information.
    3. Select an Onboarding Profile for the new hire.
      The profile determines the tasks and documents that the new hire must complete during onboarding and the users who can view the new hire's details on the Onboarding Dashboard. See Set Up Onboarding Profiles for details.
      Note: The I-9, W-4, and Voluntary Self Identification form can only be added through the Onboarding profile.
    4. To add tasks for this new hire to complete, choose a task from the Add Step dropdown, and then select +Add.
    5. To remove a task, select the remove option for that task.
      Note: Required tasks cannot be removed from the invitation, but they can be removed from the Employee Details page.
  3. When you have finished setting up the invitation, select Send.
The invitation that the new hire receives includes a link to your Onboarding welcome page and a PIN number. New hires must have this information to log in and complete onboarding forms. Users with permission to View can track a new hire's onboarding progress on the Onboarding Dashboard as soon as the invitation is sent.