Configure Performance Review

The Performance Review module allows employees and their assigned managers to complete review forms that score the employee's performance.

Before you can use Performance Review features, your System Admin must complete required configuration steps in the HR Management web application.
Note: The Performance Review Admin does have access to set a default performance review manager or performance review group on the User Access > Performance page.
  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Performance Reviews.
    The General Configuration section displays as expanded by default.
  2. In User Group for Performance Review Administration, select the Employee Group that should have Admin rights to Performance Reviews.
    Users in this group will have access to the Performance Review Dashboard where they can create and edit performance review templates and initialize reviews.
  3. In Maximum Score, enter the highest score that users can receive for a review. The total percentage that a user can earn is then based on this maximum score.
    If you leave this setting blank, reviews are scored out of 100%.
  4. To require that the employee and all assigned managers complete a performance review before it can be finalized, select Require Employee and All Managers to Complete in order to Finalize Reviews.
    If you disable employee self-reviews for a review instance (Disable Employee Self Review is selected when initializing performance reviews), only managers are required to complete a review before it can be finalized. However, employees will still have to acknowledge the review from their My Performance page (Employee Tools > Performance).
  5. To show the average manager score column on the manager and employee tabs of the Performance Review page, select Show the score column on the manager & employee grid. An employee's average manager score displays after the manager submits their review for the review period.
  6. To allow a manager and employee to view performance reviews that each one has in progress for the employee's review, enable Allow Managers and Employees to view Performance Reviews that are in progress. For example, if your organization uses cumulative review forms that are updated throughout the year, you can enable this setting so that those reviews are available for capturing progress and notes.
    If you enable this setting, you will see the following changes under Employee Tools > Performance:
    • The Manager View tab will show the In Progress status as a hyperlink, allowing the manager to access the employee's portion of the review without it being submitted.
    • The My Performance tab will show the manager's name as a hyperlink, allowing the employee to access the manager's portion of the employee's review without it being submitted.
  7. To send email reminders automatically to remind managers and employees (if self-reviews are enabled when initializing reviews) that a review is due, use the portal setting Unsubmitted Performance Review Reminder timing found under Admin > Portal Settings > Email Configuration > Email Options. to
    • Enter a numeric value in this setting to set the number of hours before the review due date to send a reminder email automatically to the manager and employee. For example, 12.
    • The timing of this setting is relative to 12:00 am (midnight). For example, if you enter 12 in this setting, the reminder email will be sent at 12:00 pm (noon) the day before the review due date.
    Note: Performance Review Admins can also send reminder emails manually from the Performance Review Dashboard. See Send Reminders About Performance Reviews for details.
  8. Optionally, a System Admin can set a default Performance Review Manager or Performance Review Group (employee group) for an employee's performance reviews:
    Note: You can assign either a default performance review manager or review group, or you can set both.
    1. Select Admin > User Access.
    2. From the Module Bundle dropdown, select Performance.
    3. Locate the applicable employee in the list.
      You can filter the page by PR Group or Employee Group, or search for employees by name or number.
    4. In the Performance Review Manager column for the employee, select Edit. In the pop-up window, choose a review manager from the dropdown and then select Save.
    5. In the Performance Review Group column for the employee, select Edit. In the pop-up window, choose an employee group from the dropdown and then select Save.
    For more information, see Assign Users Access to Modules.
  9. Assign the appropriate Approval Permissions so that managers have the ability to review their employees:
    Note: Managers will be able to complete their review at the same time as the employee.
    1. Select Admin > Approval Permissions.
    2. In the Give Permission To field, select the manager group that you are assigning permission to.
    3. In the Permission Type field, select Can Enter Performance Reviews For.
    4. In the For This Group field, choose the employee group that the selected managers should have permission to review.
    See Assign Approval Permissions for more details.
After the System Admin has configured Performance Reviews, the Performance Review Admin can create templates and initialize reviews.